Sunday, 28 August 2011

Date night with mum, lol

Well last night Lillies dad had her overnight. Which gave my mum a MUCH needed break from babysitting. As a result I think she was a bit desperate to get out of the house so we went out for dinner and a movie. Obviously we wanted to see something funny rather than weepy so mum suggested The inbetweeners movie. :)

I'm a huge fan of the tv show so yep, great, fine with me. :) Wasn't until I had booked the tickets and we were halfway there my mum pipes up with 'So what's this about then? It isn't like American pie is it? That was just daft!' OMG mum!!! I thought she'd seen the tv show too but turns out shes just heard the girls at work say it was good! So that's me in a panic, mums one night out and shes going to see a film shes going to hate! But we'd booked it now so went in anyway.
Anyone who's seen The inbetweeners will know what its like, well the film is worse, lol. In the opening scenes theres swearing, porn, and Jay masturbating with ham while wearing a snorkel and mask. My mum was cracking up! Never thought I'd be so glad to see my mum laughing at that!

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  1. Ha ha - my kids (teens)and hubby LOVE them and are off to see it on Wednesday. I wouldn't mind myself but working in school , i 'd be worried in case i was sitting next to a pupil!!Glad your mum enjoyed herself :)


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