Monday, 6 February 2012

Feeling good. :)

Not sure why, not that I shouldn't feel good mind you but I've just woke up in a good mood this morning. Ready and raring to go, lol. I think I'm annoying Mark a bit as hes really not in the same mood lol. Poor guys walking about like a zombie yawning away and I'm singing and listing all the jobs I want to get done today, which unfortunately involves a trip up town. lol. Hoping the roads arnt too bad after yesterday, but will just take it slow. Caitlins home too as I think shes still ill. Her temperature is gone but shes sleeping loads, not eating much and crying at everything, so still not herself. Going to wrap her up warm and hopefully the fresh air will help.
Still havent done much crafting recently. its bad really as almost makes me feel bad that I have so much stash just sitting there. I will have to make my mum a mini book for mothers day though so my mojo better come back soon! lol. I did manage this one the other night though. Last christmas Cameron woke up way before Caitlin, after waiting nearly an hour we decided to wake her, much to her annoyance. lol. I love how these photos show her yawning and looking deeply unimpressed with the gifts in her stockings. She was happier when she got downstairs though :)

Love this felt stocking, so cut out a few gifts to go inside. :)

Right better get on and head into town. :)

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  1. Gorgeous layout. I hope Caitlin is better soon x


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