Sunday, 19 February 2012

Using it all up

Like most people, I have q number of hobbies. These include:
Cross stitching
Now with only a small house the sheer amount of STUFF can be very over whelming. Particually with all the kids toys and all Marks warhammer stuff (which he never does anymore but dont get me started on that! lol) So I tend to feel quite under pressure to use up my bits. Jigsaws and books for example I very rarely use again once done so will sell on/donate once finished. I always feel good when I've finished with some books or whatever and they're all off to a new home. :) This week I seem to be going through a book/jigsaw phase. A carrier bag of books and a jigsaw have both been sold. :) Last night infact I couldnt sleep so finished this one in one night. lol.

So this will probably be on facebook for sale tomorrow. lol. Pretty much sold all the stuff I did have up so will be hunting for some more during the week. :) I find it strangly fun selling bits, plsu all adds up for the holiday :)
Adding to the pile of scrapping stuff though is this. :) I ran a kit swap on uks and this is what I received. How yummy is this paper!!! So thrilled with it, hoping I go through a scrapping phase next week to use it up :)

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  1. I haven't done a jigsaw in years but can remember sitting up all night to get them done!


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