Thursday, 16 February 2012

Psychic, spoooooky

I've been meaning to blog this for ages lol, but you know what I'm like. I went to see a psychic at my mums on Saturday, was pretty impressed! We all had individual readings done and it was strange how similar mine and my mums was at points. She went after me and the psychic didnt know we were related. (mum removed all photos from the house lol) While she was doing my 'reading' she wrote down her predictions, however I'm bound to lose the paper sometime during the year so thought I'd put it here to give me somewhere to look back on. Some have kinda already come true so I'll put notes next to it too :)

1 - Watch my car keys, dont go locking them in the boot! (yeah sounds very much like something I would do, lol, locked Caitlin in our old car once, had to smash the kitchen window to get the spare key lol)

2 - Lucky numbers 2, 3, 19, 28 (I turn 28 this year, Caitlins born on the 3rd, no idea about the rest)

3 - I will get surprising news in February.

4 - In March someone will get a cough. This will worry me badly as it seems a very bad cough but with antibiotics it will be fine.

5 - I will either move, or discuss moving this year (cant see that, spent a fortune on doing this place up and its right next to cams school)

6 - There will be words and a general unease between me and a selfish family member in March. (hmmm, wonder who that could be!? lol. She also told mum there will be family problems involving a solicitor this month.)

7 - My hours of work will change (I'm assuming my voluntary work, otherwise any hours of work would be a change lol)

8 - A nice, kind male from my life will have some bad news about someone close to him. This will lead to a very low time in his life but he will be ok. (Marks mum has been poorly recently :( )

9 - There will be wedding news, it will be a happy occasion (I think i made a face because I thought about my sister lol) The number 13 will be important (I was married on the 13th)

10 - I will take a journey in May. She can see I'm worried about it but it will be fine and the place I'm going is beautiful. (she told mum this too, we're going on holiday together)

11 - A female close to me is hating their job, tell her to hold on it will all change in summer. (told mum her job will change this summer, lol)

12 - Check the cooker, its a minor problem but could get much worse if not checked.

13 - There are health concerns regardning an M in my life. There will be ups and downs for a while but all will lift in the summer (Marks had some problems with his bloods recently)

14 - I have a good relationship, my partner has a kind heart and is a general good guy. Our kids are very different, the older loves their studies while the younger is more laid back (thats an understatement! lol) but will both grow up their own way and will do fine in life.

15 Now this is the big one, she started with this prediction and came back to it twice, adamant its going to happen. Yeah apprently Im having a baby late this year! Ok I SO cannot see this happening but everyone I've mentioned it to has said 'Yeah I think you'll have another one' lol. Well, we'll see.

Since the reading its weird how much has come true for the other girls. Katie was given a lucky number she put on the bonus ball at work and won £125, she was also told her daughters would be invited to a party short notice and she'd be travelling to leicester soon. Lorraine was told a close male friend would move over seas, one of her friends has just had an offer to work in america, she told my mum her dad had an illness in his arm (thats where his cancer is) and said plenty of accurate things about my sister. I think the strangest one is one of the girls was told she'd have a baby boy. After the reading she admitted shes already 7 weeks pregnant! lol. We're all waiting for the scan now to see if shes right. :) Bit of a way to go granted. lol

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  1. I went and saw one a few years ago who can also speak to 'ghosts' and she was freakily accurate about loads of things including people who had died and how they had died. She didn't really do predictions just told us things that were currently happening or we were worried about and gave advice from the 'ghosts'. I am planning on going to see her the next time we go to SA as I know a few people who go and see her regularily :)


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