Friday, 24 February 2012

Ohhhh goodies :)

Well bit stressed and worried this morning so was thrilled to have this be handed to me today :) For valintines we were skint but then sold some bits on ebay (got to love ebay) so spent a bit on ourselves as 'gifts'. I was torn between so many yummy new lines from CHA but decided on these two 'My little shoebox' lines.
Lovely day - And
Up in the trees -
Im not usually a big 'My little shoebox' fan but I LOVE these papers! Actually wish I bought 2 sets as the other sides are so nice too. lol

Plan for today is to finish painting Cams room, bake some cakes with Caitlin (might need to bribe her with the cakes and a dvd to finish the painting lol) basically anything to distract myself. lol


  1. Look lovely Gemma - I am waiting till the retreat when I have my subscriber voucher to spend - not that I need new stash - our reorganisation of the boxroom has shown me that I have way too much stash LOL!!!

    Not long now till the retreat!!!!

    Karen x

  2. Nice goodies Gemma. What colour are you painting Cameron's room? TFS. ~Glen~

  3. Lovely stash - hope you had a good day and can't wait to see your creations :)


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