Sunday, 5 February 2012

Its snowing!!

Lol, pretty sure most people have snow today, amazing how yesterday there was none, then overnight its just everywhere! Must admit I was probably more excited than the kids, lol. So off we went with our sledges. :) Poor Caitlins still not too well so just wanted to walk with me and hold my hand but Cameron was quite happy to be pulled along. lol

We met up with my Mum, Dad and Mollie and Evie at the park. Caitlin and Evie decided sledging wasn't for them so built a snowman instead while the daredevil kids went down the hill. lol. I did try and help them but apprently I was doing it wrong. :s

We couldnt find any twigs or rocks to make a face so after a quick trip to my mums we decided to improvise with some mushrooms. lol I think they made our snowman look miserable but the girls were happy with it, lol.

Got to love my dad, he never just does what everyone else is doing and this time decided a snowman was boring, he was going to make 4 thrones. lol.

Unfortunatly Grandad was a little big for his throne.

Well after all the fun in the snow we're now home for lots of tea, tv and baking this afternoon. :) Hope everyones staying warm and safe!

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  1. Looks like you all had lots of fun in the snow :)


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