Thursday, 23 February 2012

head gone somewhere

Well so far its been a scary but positive week. My granddad had an operation on Wednesday to remove a tumor from his arm. We were obviously worried about it but he did well and they think they got it all. :) He just needs to get a course of radiotherapy to be sure. Tomorrow its hubbys turn for an operation. Nothing serious but obviously with general anastetic and a not fully healthy patient there's always worries. :(
Well to keep my mind off fretting I've been painting Camerons room. :) OMG hes got so many more toys than I thought he did! Was moving them all out of the way, emptying his toybox etc just kept finding more. lol. Going to finish painting tomorrow then will sort out the toys before they go back in the room I think. While I was painting on Tuesday I also had craft day on qvc on in the background. I admit I havent watched one in ages but cant really watch Criminal minds while the kids are awake and it was better than cebeebies lol. To be honest there wasnt TOO much I saw I wanted, lol, a couple of good deals on punches and a few dies I liked but nothing I contemplated pulling the credit card out for. Just one thing:

I love my cuttlebug but never bought an alphabet as I only really like Bigz dies and an alphabet in them are SO expencive. This one was only £30 though!! Mothers day coming up, know what I'm asking for :)

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