Saturday, 11 February 2012

ohhhhh so excited :)

Tonight I'm going to my mums house, nothing too exciting there lol, except tonight she has a tarot reader coming. :) I LOVE all that psychic stuff and apprently shes really good so im so excited! Even if shes not that good will still be a good night out, :) A few of mums workmates and one of my friends are coming round too and we're all bringing a bottle so will be a good laugh either way. :) Really got loads to do today before I go and I've done none of it! wheres the morning gone?! I think I spent most of it uploading things for sale on facebook. Mum and I are clearing out garages and lofts to raise money for our holiday. Going ok so far though my mums got a bit of an inflated idea of how much people will pay for things. £15 for a second hand coat is a bit steep IMO even though it is still new. lol. Funnily enough when I convinced her to reduce it to £7 it sold right away.
On that note I still have these stamps for sale. Now £4 including post. :)

Hope everyones having a good weekend, will be back tomorrow to say how I got on. Think I could ask her for the lottery numbers? lol

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  1. Ooh enjoy the tarot reader.I'm always too scared to do stuff like that!


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