Friday, 10 February 2012

Tummy bugs are no fun

Well yesterday I had that horrible winter tummy bug. :( Well I dont think it was the full blown one as only lasted 24 hours but what a horrible 24 hours it was! Ah well its good for the diet as still no appitite lol.
I managed a bit of scrapping the other night. :) My mojo was back and was really enjoying it, unfortunatly Cameron wasn't in a sleepy mood (sore legs, head, eyes etc) so that kinda interupted me. lol. It got to 9:30 and I'd had enough of going up and down the stairs every 2 minutes so I just brought him down and sat rocking him on my knee until he fell asleep. Which ment I couldnt scrap. :( Infact the only thing I could do was browse on the internet using only the mouse. Spent a couple of hours watching film clips on IMDb before I got bored and went to bed! lol. I did manage one though.

Took this photo 2 christmas' ago. It was the first time the kids were old enough to really understand the whole thing and put a snack out for santa. :) Made it all the more magic for me. lol.
Well Caitlin was supposed to stay at my mums tonight but didnt want to go as she'd miss me (awww) so both kids are tucked up in bed with a film each after playing games together. Not sure what I'm going to do tonight as its cold!!!!! might just curl up in bed and watch tv :)

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