Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hobby change :)

Last night Mark was at his friends, usually I scrapbook but my back was killing me so really just wanted to curl up in my bed and watch tv. Problem is I can never just sit and watch tv, lol. I need something else to do to keep me occupied so I pulled out my cross stiching. :) Havent done any in I dont know how long but was nice to sit and relax with it. Even though mark made fun of me when he came in to find me fast asleep in bed holding it. lol. He's calling me granny now.
Look what I got this morning! A very nice girl called Emilie on UK scrappers was clearing out her stash and kindly offered it to a lucky person simply for the price of postage and I was the very lucky person who got it. :)

Is a much needed pick me up today as problems with my sister are getting worse (more on that tomorrow hopefully) and my grand dad is going for his first course of radiotherapy today. Going for mental health training this afternoon so looking forward to that. I miss studying so will be nice to do something productive. Right lots to do before I go so better head off!


  1. Oh dear sorry to hear there are more problems :( At least you had the box arrive to cheer you up a bit :)

  2. What a lovely thing to get, will be thinking of you


  3. Oh sorry problems have arisen again! Nice lovely stash to play with to cheer you up a little tho! xx


Thanks for your comments. :)