Saturday, 25 February 2012

This parenting is fun isnt it. lol

One thing parenting never is is predictable lol. One moment the kids can be laughing and having fun, the next crying their eyes out. Go figure. Sometimes its good surprises though, Cameron for example HATED school after Christmas, cried every time we went and screamed he wanted to stay home. It was horrible :( Was dreading taking him back after half term as I figured another week off would just make him want to stay home more. However the opposite seems to have happened! Smiles every morning, off to play as soon as he gets to the play ground, its a weight off my shoulders I tel you. He seems to have calmed down a lot at home too, he was going though a shouting and hitting phase when he was upset but we told him to scream into a pillow instead which seems to be working well. :) He still makes angry faces though. This is his 'You're not being fair!' face. One to show the girlfriends when hes older I think!

Hopefully he wont make this face when he sees his new blue room though. :) Finally finished painting it blue to go with his blue curtains/carpet/wardrobe/bed/lampshade. Can you tell what Camerons favourite colour is? lol. Hes at my mums this morning so gives me time to sort out his toys etc before I put them all back in.
Oh almost forgot Marks op went fine. :) he got home late last night and is on painkillers still but nothing big. :) Caitlin made me cry though, lol. Whenever I say no for anything and shes in a bad mood she does the usual teenage type thing of 'I dont like you!' shouting and stamping feet. Then last night she said this as I put her to bed
Caitlin - I love you when you're nice to me mummy.
Me - I love you too
Caitlin - *hugs me* But even when you're nasty to me and say no, I still love you.

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  1. Lol that picture is too cute, definitely one to bribe him with when he is older :) Glad Marks op went ok and hope Cameron likes his new blue walls! :)


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