Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Been a while since Ive done one of these. :) Usually because Ive no idea what day it is, lol.
As usual my desk is a mess. Ive given up saying I'll tidy it and scrap on it rather than the floor because to be honest I know I wont. lol. Not only is it pretty dark under the stairs but I like to watch a film or something when I scrap, and since my pc gave up the ghost only option is our TV, which I obviously have my back to on my desk. lol.

These were also on my desk lol but just discovered half of them this morning. Because I don't have a huge amount of storage, all my spare alphas are kept in a box in the garage. As a result if the alphas I've put in the kit I'm using (I make all my papers and bits into kits)don't fit the layouts I've done, the layout gets put in a pile to finish later. This pile can get pretty big before 'later' comes along, theres actually one there from November. lol.

Well today is a bits and bobs day I think. Floor needs done, toys need sorted, but both kids are home so not like I can focus on one job and get it done! lol. Oh well, going to the cinema tonight to see Cronicle hopefully :) Not been out since before christmas so should be fun!

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