Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sarahs cards retreat!

Well Monday I got back from the Sarahs cards retreat. As usual had a great time and done some amazing classes. Stayed an extra night too as was so tired driving home last time. To be honest I was tired driving home this time too as idea for a nice relaxing early night went out the window but was fun anyway! lol.
The classes were great and all very different. This one was Helens class and involved glitter. lol. Not something I'd usually use as I hate the mess it makes but this wasnt too bad (probably because it wasnt on my carpet lol)

Close up of the glitter.

This was Lous class. I admit when I first saw the photo of this I inwardly cringed thinking I was going to hate it, but the photo seriously doesnt do it justice. Lous layout in real life looked amazing with all the different details and patterns and I love how mine turned out. It's a bit different from Lous as I did the first few masurments wrong so had to make it up as I went along but I like it :)

Love these clear buttons too. I never bothered with them as they seemed like so much hassle, but Lous told us to put the twine through first, then stick it onto the paper and cut around. So much easier than doing the paper first, sanding the edges then trying to do the twine lol.

This is Traceys class, and I think my favourite of the weekend (closely followed by Jens, but can't show you that yet as I ruined the photo!) I hadn't picked any of my photos before I left and just pulled this one from my pile once I saw someone elses finished creation. I think it goes brilliantly with the layout and I love all the layering and the ink frame.

The technique here was inking. I love the effect misting and frames does but I'm dreadful at it! Usually just ends up a mess with no detail at all. Here we cut out two paper frames and some stars and inked over the edges with a sponge. I love the subtle effect it gives and I can see myself doing this a lot more. :)

Last one for now, this is Claires class. SO pretty but doesnt photograph well. We made the window from chipboard, ink and paint. Was surprisingly easy. We also made he flower which wasn't as easy but still fun. lol

I went with the 'Cover it in glue and squash it together' method. Usually ends up a mess and in the bin but worked this time! lol

Well thats it for now, I didnt do Ifas class as was so hot in the classroom so I just stayed in the hall, and have done Jens but I cut the photo too small so need to print another one. But overall a great weekend. :) Missed the kids and think they missed me as both were very cuddly when I came home. :)


  1. Lovely versions of the classes :)

  2. Great to see all the class layouts you've finished so far. It was great to see you again. Good luck with the children situation.
    Tracy x

  3. Gorgeous layotus Gemma, looks like you were busy! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  4. I love your LOs, and am very impressed yo completed them too.... I got the grand total of 1 1/2 LOs done over the weekend!!!
    Lovely to see you again too

  5. I don't understand why you were so tired on the Monday LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fabulous layouts and great photo choices for them all.

    Karen x


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