Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Flower swap :)

hectic week so far. In fact I'm typing this while brushing my teeth (dont tell mark cos Im at his computer lol) Been trying to keep on top of the housework as off on the Sarahs cards retreat this weekend :) Also have more social services meetings and dealing with all that, oh, and the kids need to make easter bonnets for next week and their birthday invitations need to be sent out too. lol. See what I mean about hectic.
I also finished the flower swap I was hosting this week. :) Some beautiful flowers made I think. :)

See :) I love this swap as so many different ways to make flowers. I'm also in a tag swap which I haven't actually started yet but plan to do this weekend. Oh, and I managed to finish my mums book in time. :) Not overly pleased with it but I struggle with little books as only so many ways you can do it I think. Hopefully she'll like it though :)

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  1. You busy, busy bee! Those flowers are lovely. I hope you had a great time at the retreat, I would love to go one year x


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