Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Bleh, busy rubbish day ahead. First have Marks memory specilist coming to the house to tlak to us about the results of his most recent tests (I say recent we're really going back to october here lol) then I've got my mental health classes this afternoon. So really its a mental health day I guess! lol. Have Camerons friend Zoe and her mum coming over for dinner though so that should be nice. :) Camerons excited about it, don't think I've actually told caitlin yet come to think of it.
Well away from mental issues and onto flowers. :) These are the ones I made for the flower swap I'm running. I made these out of fabric but will be making some from paper too. :)

This is also the first photo taken with my new camera. Still not fond of it but sure I'll like it once used to it. As well as the flowers last night I finished reading 'The hunger games' trilogy. If I'm honest, I was bloody gutted at the ending! I wont give too much away as I know the films coming out soon but the first two books were great, got hooked really quickly, but near the end of the third book it honestly felt like the author ran out of time and had to shove an ending together and I didnt think it really fit with the rest of the books. Nothing worse than spending days reading a book only to be let down at the end. lol

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  1. Your flowers are gorgeous. I hope your day wasn't too mental :)


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