Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sunny day :)

Sunday was SUCH a beautiful day we decided to go to the park :) Mark was feeling a bit poorly still so he stayed home but the kids were very excited to be out in the sun. Caitlin decided she wanted to try out her roller skates we got her for christmas and she was pretty good on them. :) Plus she looked adorable I think :)

Cameron went on his bike as usual, he's getting really good on it now and Mum thinks hes ready to try it without stablisers. I disagree lol.

Well the weekend was interesting. Sister got battered again and kicked out the bf for (we hope) good. As a result she spent the weekend at my mums which was nice as my two got to spend time with Lillie. Who was also good on caitlins skates, lol. Love this photo of her and Cameron, Lillie looks very confused while Cameron looks so regal, lol.

Well loads to do today so better get on!

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