Friday, 30 March 2012

Poorly babies :(

Well had a bit of a surprise at the drs yesterday. Took both kids, to be honest I wasn't too worried about Caitlin as shes had this cough on and off since before Christmas and had no temp or anything, how wrong I was, Camerons got a chest infection (expected that) dr thinks Caitlin has asthma! Was strange as the day before my Mum kept saying she sounded like Lillie, who has pretty bad asthma, must be some kind of Nanny sense kicking in there! So have anti-biotics for cam, and an inhaler for Caitlin with some strange face mask thing to help her take it. Well that went down like a sack of bricks. Both kids were up a lot last night, think Camerons coughing kept waking Caitlin, so nobodys had much sleep. Camerons also a bit sad as he missed his Easter bonnet parade today at school. :( Have to go shopping later though so planning on buying a few sweets and having our own Easter hunt to cheer him up. Think Mummy and Daddy can do with a few treats too as Mummy is shattered and Daddy is still poorly himself! lol. Plan for tonight is tv (or a book depending on if I have a child on my knee) and this.

This was my FAVOURITE Ben and Jerries flavour when I was at university but they discontinued it. Saw it in Morrisons again a few weeks ago and I admit I actually squealed in the middle of the ice cream isle (sad woman that I am) buy hey, I'm not rich and don't lead a very exciting life so good I get happy about the little things. lol.
Camerons currently on the couch feeling sorry for himself and Caitlins sulking because I won't let her have the paddling pool out, hard to believe this happy photo was taken just last week!

Well better get on as can see getting jobs done being a difficult one today! Hope I have some healthier news tomorrow. lol

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