Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday :)

Yey its Friday :) I know that shouldn't really matter as its not like I work but even so every day seems so full! Between school runs, nursery, volunteer work and jobs here and there the days soon fly by. I like having a day where I know I can just stay home and get on with what needs done in the house. Today one of my jobs is this

Sorting out my photos. (ignor my daughters dirty sock in the corner she was getting dressed for bed and thought it would be funny to throw it at me just as I took the photo, lol) My Snapfish delivery came yesterday and with the other photos I have being all messed up and out of order thought it was a good time to sort it all out again. As well as putting all the same ones together (all disney, all Thomas land etc) I also need to pick what photos I'm going to use for my mums mothers day album, and for the Sarahs cards retreat. Granted the latter is made so much harder by the fact we have no ink so can't print out the handbook but hey ho these things are sent to try us. lol.
Was a very proud Mummy last night, :) Was Camerons parents evening at school and turns out my clever little boy is reading at the level of a 6 year, 9 month old. A full two years above his age. :) Hes also really good at maths and can do it in his head easily. :) I couldn't stop smiling, lol. Apparently hes really happy in class and plays well now so that's very reassuring too. Its Caitlins turn to stay at my mums tonight so some quality time with my little brain box I think. :)

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