Thursday, 15 March 2012

Busy day

I like busy days :) always sleep better when I feel like I'm achieved something that day. On the agenda today is school, nursery, tip, shopping and town center to put money in the bank, home to get Caitlin from nursery and hopefully a visit to my grans depending on how grandad is feeling. Hes doing well at the moment, drs say his arm is healing well though not quick enough for grandads liking. The trips back and forth to Leicester and nottingham are taking it out of him though. Think whats taking it out of Granny the most is having to re-explain it to him every time they go. :(
Anyway onto more positive things. :) Cameron came home yesterday with another certificate for singing. :) He brought one home before christmas and its adorable to see how proud he is. He's also going into school without screaming, which is always good, lol. Still not done any more of my mums book 'hangs head in shame'think I'm going to sit down tonight and plan the pages and tomorrow night and force myself to just do the lot of it. In the mean time heres a few more of the ones I finished the other night. :)
This is an american crafts one I honestly dont know how long its been sitting there. My local TK maxx was selling AC kits with an album, papers and embellishments for £3 last january. As a result even though I've sold and gave away loads of AC papers, I still have a huge pile left to use. lol. I had planned to cut out loads of flowers and butterflies from the papers for this layout. but lost interest in it pretty quick so ignored it for ages. lol. In the end decided just to put together what I had, quite like it anyway :)

This was a scrap lift from an old Scrapbook inspirations. I admit I wasn't too sure about it when I saw it in the magazine and still not too sure now lol.

I think the sides just look too different, like two different layouts stuck together. i do like this little corner though :)

Well better get on. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some mothers day books pages to show you!

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  1. Love the tiny dancers page Gemma! You have been busy :)
    Claire x


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