Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers day

Well yesterday was my mothers day really as we were at a christening all day today. So yesterday I got my cards, my breakfast in bed, and Mark watched the kids while I spent the day crafting upstairs :)
This morning was more active, lol. Told Caitlin yesterday we were going to a party so woke up this morning with her standing by my bed, holding one of her party dresses with her vest, pants, and matching tights she'd got out of her drawers. lol. she was thrilled though when I told her she wasn't wearing that one she was wearing her super special one I bought from Next 2 years ago. £20 reduced from £90 so only kept for special occasions, lol. It didnt fit her at the time but I REALLY wanted it so got it anyway, lol. Cameron was wearing his new shirt from this years Next sale. Put it on him, looked all smart, went upstairs to get a hairbrush come back and he's got butter on it! He'd reached over the table to get a drink and lent in his toast crusts I hadn't had a chance to move yet. Grrrrrrr. So had a mad rush to handwash it in the sink, dry it with a hair dryer and iron it before we had to go. Was amazed we were on time to be honest. lol.
Both kids were really well behaved in the church. Was a very proud Mummy, Caitlin was a bit upset as she wanted to be christened too but pointed out she hates water on her face so she calmed down quick. lol. The after party was great, they both loved dancing to the dj. :)

Family photo with Caitlin blinking lol.

Caitlin stole my camera and took this picture of the cake. Pretty good picture for a 3 year old I thought :)

There was also a magic show for the kids and balloon modeling. Cameron went up to do a trick where he put flowers and bits of paper into a cake tin, then said a magic word to change it into cake. The first time he did it though it turned into a huge rubber spider, so he's not looking too sure in this photo. lol. The second time though it turned into lots of sweets so that cheered him up :)

Second family photo, caitlin smiling, dont know what camerons doing lol.

Nice one of Caitlin and mark though :)

At time to go home we were also given bags of sweets for the kids and boxes of chocs for the adults! My Aunt and Uncle throw the best parties :)


  1. Looks like you had a really lovely day - super photographs.

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my Mother's Day post - my Mum loved the bracelet!!

    Karen x

  2. Fab photos they will be fun to scrap! Just love the look on poor Camerons face after the spider! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves! :)

  3. Great photos, sounds like you all had a lovely time x


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