Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Ok I admit it I haven't actually scrapped, god knows how I'm gonna get mums book done at this rate, lol, but I did finish off the pile of layouts that have been sitting on my desk since November :)
This was a scraplift from Scrapbook magazine, the papers came from there too. I love this photo of Cameron and Caitlin, was the start of last year when we had all that snow and they were patiently waiting for me to get their sled out. I don't think they've patiently waited since so glad I got it on camera, lol.

How cute are they, lol. After I put it on I decided I'd prefer the 'Angels' above the photo rather than on it, But getting the letters back off just wasnt happening so there it stays. lol

I LOVE this photo and layout. Its from an old Sarahs cards kit, think they scraplift was from there too but cant remember who it was.

Love this leaf bling. Think this was one of my fave kits actually. The photo was taken on Camerons tranfer day at school. Hopefully I'll be slimmer for Caitlins, lol.

Well sister and neice are supposed to be coming round this morning to make a few phone calls so that should be nice for Caitlin. :) Think she gets a bit lonly when Camerons at school. Will be a different story when she goes I'm sure, lol. I'm dreading it if I'm honest, its hard enough when Cameron has an 'off' day and doesnt want to go, not looking forward to dragging two of them. lol. Cameron had a major meltdown yesterday, I wouldnt let him take a cup of juice into school and he lost it big time. Screaming, crying all the way round to school, typically I bumped into loads of people I knew while he was doing it, and got so many knowing smiles from other mums on the way. He made me laugh though, halfway round he started to quiet down, so I asked if he was done yet. His reply:
No I'm not done! I'll never be done until you let me have juice!
I wonder if I watched braveheart too often while I was pregnant? lol

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  1. Awww bless him LOL!!

    Two lovely layouts - yes I loved that kit too from SC - I still have some scraps left so I might squeeze out one more layout!!

    Karen x


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