Saturday, 31 March 2012

Proud Mummy and more layouts

Had a proud Mummy moment the other day I forgot to share. :) Was watching 'The help' (great film) while doing the ironing and the kids were playing on the rug. I didn't think they were really paying attention but when one character said she once told a little boy she was black because she drank so much coffee, Caitlin suddenly turned and said 'Cameron, why are some people pink and some people black?' my heart almost burst at his reply 'I don't know, but it doesn't matter anyway' and both just carried on playing. :) Now I was raised in a very unprejudiced household, race, religion, gender, sexuality, it wasn't important, and I'm glad my two are turning out the same. :) It was strange to think though that it was so different as recently as when my gran was younger, I wonder what those people would have thought if they were told within 50 years that America would have Obama as president lol.
On a less serious note thought I'd share more of the layouts I did on the retreat :) I was trying to use up some of my long forgotten kits so most of them are with the same papers. This is one I did when I was actually nearing the end of a kit. I LOVED these papers, they're a Bo Bunny range and I got them in a recent kit swap on UKS. They were all ice cream/cake related so got my photos out from when we went to a theme park in great yarmouth. There was a brilliant ice cream parlor that did huge ice creams and cones covered in coloured sugar. Caitlin picked a pink cone with strawberry ice cream. :)

Cameron surprise surprise picked a blue cone, lol, but did make a change and chose chocolate ice cream rather than blueberry. It did prove a bit much for him however as he ended up giving most of it to me. I didn't complain, lol.

This photo is from the same trip but used a different kit. We went to the Sealife center and Cameron loved it :) He was amazed by their underwater tunnel and by the huge windows showing all the fish. He particularly liked this guy lol.

More from the cupcake kit :) I dont often print photos out in black and white but I like this one. :) We make cakes all the time at home so I have quite a few photos of the same kind of thing, loved how much Caitlin was concentrating this time while usually she just chucks the mixture in, lol. Shows how much shes grown up :) Was getting down to scraps with this kit by now so nice simple one. :)

Last one :) When we went to the sealife center we bought the kids some pirate hats and swords. They absolutely adored the things, lol. Caitlin still wears hers all the time. :)

Think that's enough layouts for now, lol. My mums bringing Mollie over this afternoon to decorate easter hats so kids should enjoy that :) We were planning to have an easter egg hunt too but the weathers gone back to grey and horrible so think thats out lol.


  1. fan layouts :) Yup its all cold and grey just for Easter holidays :( have fun anyway .

  2. Lovely Los and a good moment from the little ones


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