Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Cooking and cakes :)

Months ago I booked the kids into cooking classes at Tesco. As they were free I wasn't expecting much but they were great! They made tomato pasta and fruti crumble and even got a goodie bag to take home. The kids had a great time up to Cameron cutting his finger but letting him eat the leftover tomatoes made him feel better. Amazing the healing powers food has with him!
After cooking I had time for a quick shower before afternoon tea with my Mum and Gran. I'd booked it ages ago with a Groupon voucher to treat them and it was a really lovely afternoon :)
I'm not really a posh food person but the food was yum and the little teacups so cute! Was lovely to sit and chat just the three of us too, with all the rubbish that goes on we don't often manage to get together and discuss things except dramas!
As an extra nice surprise Mum found out she has tomorrow off work too so we're off shopping while the men watch the kids, turning out a great week so far! :)


  1. What a great find the free cooking class was! Hope Cam is ok. Afternoon tea looks yummy too. Enjoy your shopping day xx

  2. Hope your great week continues :)

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