Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The things we do for our kids......

Now those of you with children will know that come Christmas, the toy your child really wants, that they beg Santa for, will be out of stock everywhere and you'll be in a panic. So to try and avoid this I start as early as possible with things I KNOW the kids will still want. This year Caitlins asking for mainly Frozen things. Unfortunatly no matter what time of year it is these things are like gold dust.
Just to make it clear how crazy this Frozen obsession is with kids, a friend of mine has a daughter the same age and has been looking for an Elsa dress since the film came out last year. You cannot get an official one for love nor money (except ebay at over twice the price) so when her husband went to Florida for work he said he would look in the Disney store there. Now apprently they are in such demand walking in and buying one is just a daft idea, what you have to do is go into the store on a designated day, then you are issued a raffle ticket, if your ticket is drawn, THEN you can buy one! Its crazy! One of the other items in huge demand are the toddler dolls like this one of Anna
But they are sold out everywhere, particually the new ones where they have 'Royal reflection' eyes which means they have plastic, glassy look eyes rather than just painted on.
Anyway we went to asda on Tuesday and they were putting out all their new toys, including these Anna dolls and Elsa ones, honestly the shelf was full must have been about 50 of the bloody things. but I had all the kids with me and no credit card so couldn't buy them. So went home and ordered Anna at Asda online, Elsa was sold out :( I'd told Mum about it and turned out Mollie wanted these dolls too so yesterday I picked Mum up from work and went down to pick up my Anna and see if there were any dolls left in store, there was 1, one Anna doll left. It was less than 12 hours ago there were loads! So I hunted the shelves and climbed up onto the top (got odd looks) and found an Elsa.
So I had an Elsa, Mum had an Anna and I went to pick up the Anna I had ordered. Here's where it got worse.
When you order online they send it to store in a black bag, so I opened it and looked, the fringe looked wrong, the face the wrong and the eyes were different, it was a different design of bloody doll!!!!
Off I went to customer services and asked if I could send it back and get the right one delivered to be told that it would be the same doll sent to me as that must be the design the warehouse had. BUT I could change it for a proper one in store if I wanted. Woman looked at stock levels and said there was one left on the shelves somewhere, cue me running like a crazy person and climbing the shelves again to look on top and found it behind some tranformer figures! So now I have an Anna and Elsa, Just need to find another Elsa for Mum now lol.
There was a funny moment where I had both dolls side by side and showed the customer services lady that they were different, the woman behind me in the queue looked over and said 'Do you honestly think the kids would notice the difference?' Mum, me and another lady pushing a buggy all looked at her like she had grown another head. She obviously doesn't have kids lol.


  1. I used to work in a toy shop and I remember the scrummage the day the last delivery of Teletubbies before Christmas arrived. It was mayhem! Thankfully there has never been an occasion when either have mine have wanted the 'must have' toy.

  2. The reason I never go shopping in December as can't bear the scrummage and fighting in shops over stuff LOL!! I don't think there was so much hype around toys when we were kids. I can remember one year spending hours online to hunt down a much sought after Legolas figure for my nephew - I think he played with it for about 2 minutes - I swore never again after that :D

  3. Oh, a story every mother can relate to!

  4. Lol! Would have loved to see you running round like a mad woman!


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