Sunday, 10 August 2014

London baby!!!!

For my birthday I got tickets to go and see The Lion King in London. It seemed ages away so was actually pretty surprised the day came!
Mum was babysitting the kids so set of earlyish so we could have a slow walk to the show so as not to tax Mark too much. On the way we passed lots of landmarks like Big Ben etc. I admit I didn't pay too much attention as we're bringing Cameron back down here in November to see all the sights so will save it for then, we did pop into the M&M store though :) God you could spend some money there!
Loved this huge picture made out on M&MS! Mark wanted to change a couple round but the OCD in me would have killed him lol.
OMG the show was amazing! The attention to detail and the costumes were just incredible. Even Mark was blown away so that's saying something! I did feel a bit bad that we didn't bring the kids but Cameron would have got bored and Caitlin didn't even like the film so really would have been a bit of a waste of time lol. One ticked off the bucket list :)
After the show I was still feeling bad about the kids so went to the Disney store to buy Caitlin a pressie. It took all my willpower not to bankrupt us in there. It was huge! So many pretty dress up clothes and other disney bits! In the end bought her a pair of Cinderella shoes and a note book. £15 for the shoes lol, more than my shoes I was wearing cost! They were beautiful though. :)
We still had a while before the train home and Mark was struggling by now so after buying some Pokemon toys for Cam (his latest obsession) we stopped for dinner in Bella Italia. Was lovely to sit outside and people watch. bargain too at £10 each for a starter and main. No pudding though so of course had to stop at the Hagan daz shop for that ;)
All in all was an amazing day! I surprised myself too as was worried I would panic ect in the tube but did really well. :) Was a good trial run for November too, Can't wait to take Cam now!


  1. What a lovely birthday treat - and super for the two of you to spend some quality time "sans enfants".

  2. Aw, glad it all worked out well and you had a lovely birthday treat :)


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