Friday, 22 August 2014

Where does time go?!

Ok so its been another week since my lats post. Notice how I managed to keep up blogging until the kids finished school then it went to pot? Think there might be a link there ;) Anyway a quick rundown of what we did in the past week.

Well today we finally managed to go swimming lol. However that was the only thing that went to plan!
Got up, full of motivation to get some tidying done and ironing finished. Since kids have been off it seems a never ending job tbh. Anyway managed to get some tidying done, halfway through the ironing and the iron gives up the ghost! So rung my Mum and asked if I could borrow hers tomorrow to get it done. Joy. Kids were quite happy though as Caitlins friend Lucy came to play so since I couldn't iron I chilled out a bit before the hectic trip to the pool. Poor Mark was having a bad day so he stayed back which was a shame but he's been doing so well lately there's bound to be a downside. Overal a quite nice day :)

Garage sale and camping! Garage sale was amazing as usual. Got loads of bargains including a brand new basketball net for £3 and a bag of craft stuff for £8.50. I took what I wanted out of it, Caitlin took what she wanted then I sold the rest on Facebook for £15 :) Bargain!
Saturday night was camping at the farm. I LOVE our new tent! Its huge compared to the other and million times sturdier. Scamp was amazed by all the animals and everything though he was NOT impressed by the fire and sat on my knee when we were near it lol. Kids played with the other kids and played a few games of cards with the grown ups. Was funny because Caitlin kept winning Pontoon, but didn't really know what she was doing. Bit depressing being beaten by someone who then says 'oh did I win again' lol.

Home and bowling today :) Didn't stay at the park long as it started pouring it down so set off after breakfast. Mark spent the rest of the day in bed and even kids had a nap before we went bowling in the evening.
We got a Groupon voucher a while ago with our neighbours so was a really cheap night out. Kids loved it though Mark obviously just watched. Caitlin did really well and came joint third with Cameron (I was second!)

Cleaning again today.

Today was the dreaded school uniform shop. Actually wasn't too bad, managed to find everything we needed with minimal whinging from Cameron. £133 pound light now! On a nice note my Granny came up for dinner so was lovely to see her :)

Mark had an xray today which was done really quick so we took Caitlin to get her hair cut :) As usual she didn't want it short so just a trim and making her fringe look less like a birds nest lol.

Today was busy busy busy, since the kids have been off all my paperwork that needs done has just sat there so I had lots to do. We still had a voucher for free entry to Kids play so thought the best idea was go there and let the kids run around and play while I got it done. Best idea I've had in a while lol. They played for 4 and a half hours during which time I managed to get everything done and dusted and lots of planning and booking done too :)
I also had lots of little errands to run so after all the playing we had a quick trip to town. Now I got a load of long sleeved tops for Caitlin in the next sale for a couple of quid each. However as they were plain I wanted a pretty gillet for her to wear with it. Couldn't find one anywhere! They were all much too small for her so I ordered one form Next, way more than I wanted to pay but there you go. While going round town however we popped into H&M and found this one :) Cheaper and Caitlin loved it :) Perfect :) Ignore the game she wants it for Christmas so I take photos to remember lol.

and I'm still struggling to close her toy box!

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  1. "where does the time go?" - shows you're getting old - but wow what a week!


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