Friday, 8 August 2014

Twin lakes

Today was home starts annual summer trip to Twin lakes. One of the perks of helping out is that we get to go along too :) Usually the kids are really excited so I was surprised this morning that Caitlin didn't want to go. Then when I was packing the picnic she asked:
Caitlin - Why do we need a picnic, can't we just go to Greggs?
Me - There isn't a Greggs there.
Caitlin - Yes there is, through the woods!
Me - Caitlin that's the boating lake!
Once she realised we were going to a theme park, and not just to feed the ducks she was much more excited lol.
While one of the perks is we get to go along, one of the downsides is that the others that go don't exactly stick to the times. We were supposed to leave at 10am, 10:45 people were still showing up. :( As a result we got far less time in the park than we should have but the kids still had fun. :)
We were lucky with the weather as we were predicted thunder and lightning but it stayed dry all day until we left :)
Not many photos as kids mainly played in the parks rather than going on the rides, but as we didn't pay I didn't really mind what they did iykwim. Home now and kids are exhausted so early night, yey!

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  1. Glad you had a nice day even if shortened by "people"


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