Saturday, 30 August 2014

Party time

Today was Caitlins friends party. I had hoped I could drop Cait off and get some shopping done but Caitlin had other ideas so I ended up staying lol.
Was a nice party, was one of those ones in a village hall and the parents have put out tables of colouring pages etc. Was funny to see all the dads around the loom band table! Caitlin was quite happy to run off and play while I browsed the internet on my phone. Got lots of ideas for Christmas anyway lol.
One of the games they played was to get into groups and make one child into a snowman with toilet paper. We'd done that at our Christmas party last year so Caitlin had a little advantage and sure enough she won! Happy wee girl there :)
So party over it was home time and I went next door for a coffee. Was a lovely relaxed afternoon of chatting, though coffee soon turned into wine lol. Well its almost the end of the holidays, trust me it's needed at this point!

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