Thursday, 7 August 2014

Where has this week gone!?

Well its been a week since my last post and it seems like its gone so quick! I think with the kids off the days are so full and busy it's easy to lose the time.
This week we have been:
- Being gymnasts like in the Pirates show :)
- Having Mollie round to play and having Girls only time. Boys didn't mind they had their time too ;)
- Walking lots with Scamp
- Going to the Wicksteed park play day!
Along with dentists appointments, shopping, cleaning, catching up with friends and army crawling through the loft looking for an old computer game which I still can't find! I also managed some scrapping in among all that too so will share that at a later date. Hope everyone else is enjoying the holidays so far!

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  1. It's flown hasn't it!
    I can't find anything in my loft, It's been on my to do list for two years :O


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