Saturday, 23 August 2014

Picnic in the woods :)

Today was a nice day so we went to a local county park for a walk and a bbq. First though we popped up town as yesterday our Wii u stopped working :( We bought it last year pre-owned form Game and try and I might I couldn't find the recipt. can't fault their customer service though! Rung them up and explained and they checked my reward card and not only found a load of points I didn't know I had but also found that the console was 11 days inside warranty (yey) and gave me a reference number to take into store to exchange it. So thats what we did with no problems at all :)
knew the day was going too well though lol. Over the past couple of days I've been working on a new hama bead project, my most complicated so far. This is how it looked before we left for town.
This is how it looked when we came home. Scamp obviously decided to give it a go lol. NO idea why as I've always left them in the livingroom and hes never bothered before but maybe the boy is a Frozen fan.
He's lucky he's cute is all I can say!
So drama over we packed a picnic and off to Irchester country park! I've never been there before but it was really lovely. There was a trail around the woods with lots of trees carved into shapes to keep the kids interested and hunting for them.
There was also a huge park which they loved despite Cam falling and belting his head :( So long walk done, everyone fed and tired, time for me to get ready for our car boot sale tomorrow :)

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