Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I love Ikea :) it's one of those places you could spend a fortune on things you never knew you always needed lol. I could have gone mad and bought loads but I only got what we needed :) Was really impressed as I had planned to get a desk and chair for Caitlin from Argos for £70, and I managed to get a desk, chair, cushion, wall storage and extra bits and bobs for £75!
After Ikea we went into town (of course) but I was very restrained there too and only bought some doughnuts for the kids and a crown for Caitlins Christmas. Shes been asking for an Elsa one but it's sold out everywhere so bought her a metal 'Sophia the first' one which in my opinion is actually prettier :)
Obviously hid that away but kids loved the doughnuts, Scamp tried for a sneaky bite but got caught lol.
So after a hard day shopping I'm exhausted! So my plan for tonight is to sort this.....
into these......wish me luck!

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  1. Don't envy you that task but good luck anyway!


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