Sunday, 31 August 2014

Not such a fossil hunt

Today they held a fossil hunt at the farm so we went along. After playing in the park we went to the field where they were hunting to find........a giant puddle. Cameron took one look and said 'Can we go back to the park please' Oh well lol. Wasn't all bad though, on the way back to the park I found £5 on the floor ;)
Though we didn't find any of our own they did have a large display of fossils that had been found there before which Cameron loved. He's such an interested little boy, any information he just sucks up like a sponge. Think he's ready to go back to school and start learning again.
After playing in the park and making dens again was time for home. It's getting quite cold here so treated the kids to some sweets snuggled under a blanket and watching a film :) We usually get the movie channels over winter but think we'll be doing it sooner this year. Nothing better when its cold than cuddling up with a film :)
That said apprently we're getting a heat wave soon. just as I've took all the winter stuff down from the loft and got it all organised. Typical lol.
Kids made me laugh tonight though, they were upstairs playing....
Upstairs - BANG BANG BANG!!!!
Me - stop banging!
Caitlin - it's ok it's dead now!
I don't want to know

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  1. I was thinking of sorting my summer/winter clothes but I cba at the minute - too much other stuff to catch up on!!!


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