Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New year, new start and all that stuff

So safe to say my blogging went to pot recently lol. Christmas was brilliant but kept me very busy :)
Christmas eve was our traditional trip to the panto, Alladin this time. Kids all loved it. Took along Evie and Mollie too which was nice. Evie was just amazed at everything, 'oh look aunty Gemma its a tree!' bless her.
Christmas day was hectic and went so quick! The kids were spoiled and loved all their gifts. Cameron was thrilled with his Wii U and sat hugging it lol. After gifts at home we went to Mums for more gifts. Took more photos there as was waking up by this point. Cameron had woken up at 4:30 then kept waking us every 15 minutes or so asking if it was time to get up yet!
Love this photo of me and Cait :)
SO onto the new year :) Last year was filled with ups and downs. Drama with my sister and Marks health I think got to me mid year and I had a mini meltdown. It's perfectly normal to stand in the middle of Asda sobbing uncontrollably because the pizza you want isn't on offer any more isn't it?! No my Dr didn't think so either so prescribed me with some medication to help out. While I hate being on it I admit I needed it and it has helped a lot with anxiety.
Away from the downs there has been a lot of ups. We got some amazing new neighbours, both kids are doing great at school and having Scamp has really completed our family. We have some fun trips planned for next year so in my opinion its onwards and upwards!!!

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