Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May round up

I can't believe we're almost in June! Will be Summer holidays before we know it then I'll be back to planning Christmas!
Anyway I'm still doing my monthly roundup :) I've decided this time to set some targets as I work better when I have targets. So below each one I'll list how many I want to do and how far I've got so far this year.

Pounds lost - 6. As of last month I wanted to lose 23 to get to my goal weight so I'm starting from there.

Games to complete
- Professor layton, The lost future
- Silent hill origins
- Yoshis wooly world
- Uncharted
- Silent hill the room
I keep starting new games depending on my mood and what room I'm able to play in so these are the ones I want to complete this year.

Layouts done - 45, easy to see where my time went this month!! I'm doing really well on layouts at the moment so decided to go all out and aim to do the equivalent of one a day.

Projects finished - 4 Pocket letters. No real target on this one as my 'other' projects tend to change from month to month.

Cross stitch done - None. Hope to finish this by the end of the year but I really need to move my butt if thats going to happen.

Books read:
- The Good Mother - A. L. Bird
Only one this month. I haven't read a really good book in a while so I admit I'm losing motivation with reading. Still hope to read the equivalent of one a week though.

So now I have targets I hope to feel a bit more motivated to get things done :)

This layout was a scraplift of another layout I did. I pulled out an old photo from the first holiday overseas we had where we went to a sulpher pool. My Mum wouldn't go in because she's scared of water she can't stand in so she played photographer.
Was nice as we had loads of photos of the 4 of us which doesn't often happen as I'm usually the one behind the camera.
This was another DIY kit but besides 'favourite' being the American spelling I really like this one :) and look! I made a shaker pocket!

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