Friday, 14 May 2010

bad blogger

Wow it's been a while since my last post! Sorry about that. Do have an excuse but more about that later. ;) First my los I've done. These were done a few days ago but for some reason computer wouldnt recognise my camera card so had to wait for hubby to fix it.

This is one of my fave los I've done latley. The photos are of caitlin at a local playcenter giving Bob hugs and kisses. She loves Bob almost as much as barney, lol.

This didn't turn out like Id like but still ok. I don't usually work with big photos so was a little out of my comfort zone. We had this taken in butlins and they print them out large so thought I'd give it a go. :) Dug out these old Thomas stickers which I bought nearly 2 years ago at the NEC. Must have known I'd need them some day, lol.

This one is a little unfinished as the pink butterfly which will go beside the photo was taken off by a little madam so needs to be glued back on. Couldnt think of a title for this one but think it looks ok without one. :)

Last lo. :) This was done for a challenge on UKS. I don't usually do them but a friend set it so gave it a go. The rules were:
Title in the form of a question - done
Use green - Done
Something metal - Done, the little flowers are metal charms
Use doodling - Now I'm rubbish as doodling so cheated here and use doodle effect rub ons. lol
Really like this lo. Its a photo of my son who one morning decided to put his sisters coat and hat on and steal her dummy. I wanted to make the lo as girly as possible while still using boyish colours to reflect the photo. Really pleased with the result. :)

had to share this photo with you. lol. Every Tuesday the kids spend the morning at nursery. now while they love it I still feel guilty doing anything without them so always get them a little gift like a magazine or sweet or somthing. (can see this biting me in the bum when they start school!) This week we bought Caitlin a little dress up set. With a skirt, bandgles and clip on earings. She LOVED it, and safe to say I spent the whole afternoon putting the earings back on her.
Right, now for the reason I've not been on. :) Well we were discussing next years holiday and as much as we all love Butlins I wanted to go somewhere there was sun! So as things usually do with me it spiralled out of control. lol. I started off looking at places in Spain and ended looking at Disneyworld in Florida! Obviously WAY out of our budget. So was talkign to mum about it on the phone later and she said 'What about a Villa, then we can go too and your dad could drive' Well I wasnt abotu to say no! So have spent the past few days looking at prices, locations etc and we're now all off to Florida next November. WOOOHOOO!!!!

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  1. Wow Gemma you get so much out of your kits and you get on and use them - I am terrible for just stacking them up and stroking them from time to time. I am trying to be better and have done 3 layouts from the April kit so that is better than usual but I still have a mountain of past kits to choose from. I think the most I have ever got from a kit is 8 from my first kit (April 2009).

    Hope you make loads at your carboot this weekend - will that be for the Florida fund LOL! You are going to have an amazing time there - your littlies will love it!


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