Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Decorated flowers

A little later than planed due to being poorly, here is my post about decorating the flowers. Now there are loads of ways, inks, paints, glimmer mists, stickles etc. Here i've used different papers and different stickles and glimmer mists. I have a thing for stickles and use them on everything, lol. I love how the different types give different effects. Which I'll show here
The flower on the left is a patterned paper with Glitz stickles. This stickles has lots of different colours in the glue which makes its a bit more interesting than the other stickles. :)
The flower on the right is plain pink with a matching colour original stickles. In this case cotton candy.

As well as using different decorations, using different papers gives different effects. On the left is a heavily patterned paper. On the right is a plain paper flower which has been decorated with gold glimmer mist.This gives it sparkle and pattern, but doesn't show up great in photos. lol.

Here is another example of different paper. On the right is a more lighter patterned paper. On the left is the same paper but with distress stickles. Distress stickles has large chucks of glitter than normal, so doesn't really sparkle but gives more an effect of crushed coloured glass. Great for males cards/layouts.

Another example of different paper on the left. On the right Ive used a different type of paper for each layer, Giving a new effect.

Last photo. On the left is a plain paper flower. Nice and simple. On the right is decorated with stickles icicle. Which is a clear silver stickles.

So as you can see theres lots you can do with them to make them look different. You can use them for loads of things too. Cards, layouts, they're particularly good for altered items. I stuck some to a headband once which looked very cute until my daughter stole it! lol


Thanks for your comments. :)