Saturday, 1 May 2010


Another warning of a long post! I seem to do a lot of these. Anyone would think i was interesting! lol. Well we're all back from a week in Butlins. Had a great time as usual. Heres what we got up to.... After a hellish dirve down there the first thing I did was treated myself to a cocktail. They even did fruit ones for the kids. Which went down well! This is bob land. Theres little fair rides here such as cars, tea cups etc The kids loved it here which was a bit of a nightmare as it was between our room and the main park, so everytime we passed without going in Caitlin would scream the place down!
Ah the arcade. I've always loved arcades ever since I was a kid and went to butlins myself, lol. Obviously this was passed to the next generation. Caitlin loved all of the games, partcially any dnacing ones. She did her best bless her. Cameron on the other hand loved the 2p machines. We spent ages putting the money in and winning all the prizes. Which I didnt mind in the slightest as I admit I love them too. ;)

The first night was spent seeing Barney. As you all know Caitlin is obsessed with Barney so I thought she would either be excited and scream the place down, or freaked out and scream the place down. Oh how wrong I was! the second Barney came out my unflappable daughter just stared........ she pointed once and said 'barney' in complete awe, then just stared at him the whole time. It was so strange to see as usually shes a wirlwind.

I felt really bad when it finished though as she was so sad. Kept pointing at the stage and saying 'Barney gone?' We promised she could see him again though so only had a few tears before she was ok with it.

Day two was really sunny so we went to the beach. The kids had a great time building sandcastles and dispaite mark calling me granny I rented a deckchair and sat in comfort watching them. All was peacefull untill my genius husband started trying to throw stones into the sea from where we were sitting. Of course the kid had to copy and Caitlin, who cant throw further than her own foot, was gettign very annoyed they couldnt manage it.
Mark then had to walk down to the sea (which was very much out) carry them both so they didnt get wet then let them drop stones into the water while he stood there and got soaked. Oh well, lesson learned. Children like to copy! All of this was very tiring so Cam then had a nap on his daddy.
Beach done we went back into the park to a play area. There were two sections, one for smaller kids such as mine, and one for over 10s. Which one did my two want to play in? hmmmm, I'll let you guess! This is Camerons walking across a VERY high rope bridge and scaring the life out of me.

While we were there there was a very special occasion....Camerons 3rd birthday! I do admit I shed some tears at my baby getting another year older, which wasn't helped by Marks 'oh yeah he starts school next year doesnt he?' So for the birthday boy there was a day of Thomas based activities. First his Thomas card...

Then his 'troublesome truck' for his Thomas train set we bought him the day before...

Then we went off to see......yes you've guessed it, Thomas! I do admit for a kids show it was pretty funny. It started off with two 'station cleaners' Rusty and Dusty who basically fell over, sang daft songs and generally acted like a long you've been framed video. Cameron loved it! My fave bit was when a really rude woman sitting next to me (who had already pushed her son pretty much onto Camerons knee) was chattering away on her phone in the middle of the show. Rusty then shouted 'Oi! Shhh you lot! Theres a woman down here trying to have a conversation! How rude of you all to be talking!' He then took the phone from her and started talking to her husband, who promptly hung up. Her face was thunder, I was cracking up! lol.

Now as much as Caitlin is a comeplete nutter who just barrels through everything, Cameron is the opposite. Very quite and shy. So I was amazed when they started giving out 'coal' for the kids to hold untill Thomas needed it and Cameron put his hand out! The magic of Thomas.

After the show we were able to go and get our photo taken with Thomas and the fat controller. cameron was shy at first but the fat controller noticed his birthday badge and started chatting to him. Cameron then relaxed and we were able to get a semi decent photo of the 3 of us (you should see the bob one, NOT good!)

In one of the arcades they had a playcenter. Now to be honest last time we went it was rubbish. Big slide/climbing area for the big kids, nothing really for younger ones. However this time they'd all done it up! The kids had a great time and loved these bouncy horse things.

Obviously was too much for Caitlin who fell asleep during dinner.....two nights in a row.

Birthday cuddle with daddy.

There were loads of shows on while we were there but obviously the kids were too young for most of them. however there was a 'tots disco' which was basically a disco but with music from the wiggles, dora the explorer etc. Caitlin LOVED it! We couldnt get her off the stage! It was so cute to watch.
Ok so now back to room and time for Camerons cake, surprise surprise its Thomas.

The his last present, again Thomas (anyone sensing a theme here?) Mark got this from Toy r us months ago. its a special Birthday thomas, with streamers and confetti and a truck full of birthday gifts. Cameron loved it. :)

We also got Caitlin a little set of wooden vegtables held together by velcro. you can cut them up and put them back together.

They slept well every night. There was another room but they wanted to share. :) Was so sweet hearing them chatting and singing after we'd put them to bed, thinking they were being sneaky. lol.

Well thats pretty much our holiday! We also went swimming and saw countless puppet shows and generally ran about like loonies after the kids. I need a holiday to recover from our holiday! I do love it there though. Everythings done for you and the redcoats and show staff are just amazing! I saw some of the abuse they got from some of the other kids and I compltley respect them for not going on a killing spree at some point, lol.
So home now and back to normal. Its Caitlins birthday on monday so we're havign a huge party tomorrow with a bouncy castle (Weather permitting) and balloons and the like. We also took the photo of her and Barney from Butlins to asda and had it put onto a cake. her two fave things, Barney and herself, on her fave food, chocolate cake. Shes gonna love it! lol


  1. Awww looks like a fabby holiday and lots of fabby pics to scrap :D

    Julie xx

  2. Looks like lots of fun!

  3. Ohh...cuuute. *Ü* Those photos tell a lovely story Gemma. Happy Birthday to Cameron. I have a grandson called Cameron and he was a very dedicated Thomas fan. TFS. ~Glen~

  4. Looks like you had loads of fun, especially the kids, and loads of fab photos to scrap! Hope the birthday goes well tomorrow! :)

  5. Looks like you had a really good time - enjoy the birthday party today.

  6. Great pics sounds like a fun holiday can I come next year! xx

  7. Sounds like a fantastic holiday and the kids certainly enjoyed themselves! Hope you did too! LOL


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