Sunday, 30 May 2010

Shopping day!!!

Well the day started out dull. Was planning to do some cleaning, ironing and maybe some crafting. Then my mum rang and said she was going to dunhelms and did I want to come! Well I was out the door like a shot. lol. I was plannign on getting some craft bits and mum wanted some curtains. Well I came home £98 lighter and mum £179 lighter but with no curtains or craft stuff. lol.
I was very restrained and bought things we needed! Was very impressed with myself. I got a new kettle, ironing board, some lovley soft towels, bathmat, tins for when I bake cakes and a few other bits. I also got some nice new clothes out of the next warehouse nearby. :) Was gutted though as there was a really nice top, one of the ones that ties under your bust then flows out, however though there was a zip down the side it was sown (however you spell that) together at the top, so the zip did nothing and there was no way it was going over my boobs, so back it went!
Mum on the other hand got the BEST rug I've ever seen! Its a deep red colour, really soft and kinda mettalic so when you run your hand across it it changes colour. It was reduced from £199 to £139 so would have been rude not to get it! lol.
Well no pics today as tired, but will take some of new los and shopping bargains tomorrow to share. :) Night all!

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