Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Long time no see!

Sorry I've been AWOL! Thought when I got back from holiday things would calm down. But then had kids birthday party, then sis was taken into hospital so helped with her girls. Then Caitlin got ill! But sis out now, the house is tidy, Caitlins running around like a looney so time to chill!
Right, so to try and compact everything thats gone on. lol. Party was a big hit, :) Kids had a great time. Photos are a bit backwards as I uploaded them wrong but you get the idea!
Caitlin was terrified bless her when cake was brought in so big brother helped her out with the candles, though she didnt need any help eating it. lol. Was nice for all the cousins to get together too. We don't see each other very often as me and my sister don't talk so they had a great time. :)
Don't know why I spent £45 renting a bouncy castle, they were quite happy bouncing on mums bed!!Cameron had a vast amount of train related gifts to open. I think by now you can all guess who I'm talking about!!!Photo of the cake. :)

So party was a big hit. Spent the past few days sorting out toys, ironing from holiday hospital appointments. All good fun! lol. But it's all done and I'm not going to go town tomorrow and spend vouchers then sit on my big bum and relax!! Oh, on the note of big bums, lol. I managed to lose 6lb before I left and went to 12lb 13, however now back to 13lb 3 after the hol. Back to work!


  1. wish i weighed 13-3!!! and where was my piece of cake:( glad everything is back to normal missus xx

  2. Sounds like they had fun! That is a gorgeous photo of your son blowing out the candles! I can't get my head around the Imperial system so I have no idea how much any of that is but congrats on loosing the weight and it is a law that you put weight on during a holiday, otherwise you wouldn't be doing it right ;)


Thanks for your comments. :)