Saturday, 8 May 2010

Crop day!

Well today was my fave day of the month. :) Crop day! We've recently had to move hall as the last place was run by monkeys so we're now in an adorable little village hall with cottages and sheep around us. It was SO much better as it was peaceful, and the room was smaller so we didnt have to shout across the room to be heard! However this did have a down side as I chatted so much I didnt get half as much done as I usually do. Oh well. lol. This is what I did manage to get done. Just some random photos of the kids playing. Left the middle empty for journaling.

I love this photo. Was making dinner for Cameron one day and returned to find this. Think I took too long!

Pmsl, Marks going to kill me for this one. In Butlins last year I boguht Caitlin some light up bunny ears she wanted. Of course as soon as I handed them to her she didnt want them. So mark wore them instead.

Really pleased with this one. its the first lo I've done with Bazzil bling cardstock, having never seen it in rel life before. Now I have, I want more! Made the little flowers and stuck two ribbons together to make a unique one.
All los are scraplifted from this months scrapbook magazine. :)
Well hubby off out tonight so hoping kids will sleep and I cant get more scrapping done. Will wait and see! Hope eveyrones having a great weekend.


  1. Lovely layouts Gemma - love how you have used the leftovers from Jen's class kit - so far I have got one DLO and one single layout and some cards from the leftovers by adding more plain cardstock - I will do a blog entry on that once I have photographed the cards.

  2. Gorgeous Lo's, glad you now get to chat while you crop xx

  3. Wow, loads of lurvely LO's wish I could get that many done at a crop :)


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