Friday, 7 May 2010

Need wine!

Well! been a bit of a stressful day today. First I wake up to find that we're now a tory town, Gutted isn't the word! We've had a Labor leader since 1997 and our town has improved rapidly since then. The new leader says we 'dont need any more glossy buildings' Well sorry but when those glossy building contain a train station, new schools, new shops etc, yes we do!
Ok rant over now. Also had a very whingy Cameron today. I admit its my own fault but hes behaving very spoilt at the moment. Telling us he NEEDS more trains and will cry if he doesnt get them. So having to put my foot down on that one! On a good note though its my monthly crop tomorrow. Had a big clear out of craft stuff so taking some bits over to try and sell. :)
Final bit of holiday unpacking today. Had everything we bought while there, plus all the kids birthday gifts we got when we got home, so a fair bit! Pretty much everything we got while away was for the kids obviously but got a couple of bits for me. First is this yummy picture. :) I do admit I'm more team Jacob but just HAD to have this. Also boguht one for a friend who I owe a gift too. Shes a HUGE twilight fan so probably already has it, but you can never have too much edward. :) So we've has Edward, heres Jacob. lol. Ive wanted a 'build a bear' since before christmas after seeing them in Milton Keynes, but the prices are daft! However while we were away we found a little stall selling smaller ones. So Mark bought me this cute little wolf which howls. :)Now all parents will identify with me here, storing kids toys is a nightmare! Particually things like train sets or tea sets which have about a million small bits which always end up under the couch/in the hoover/lost at the bottom of the toy box untill the end of time. So had a MAJOR clear out today and bought this new storage system with the kids birthday vouchers (Well they didnt need any more toys!) Ive now got 2 bin bags of toys for a car boot, and I've got a little bit of my living room back. :) Would actually love one of these for my craft storage but dont think we've got the room just yet. lol.

Well better run. Me and hubby have a dvd, 'Let the right one in' and a bottle of wine chilling for when kids go to bed. Bliss. :)

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  1. Love the piccie and the wolf - how sweet.

    Hope your crop went well.


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