Monday, 10 May 2010

Pj day!

Well today was supposed to be our 3rd attempt at taking Caitlins tv back and going to the town. Everytime we've tried one thing or another has come up. Today its the plague. lol. Obviously not literally, but both Cameron and Mark have been off for a couple of days, and this morning Camerons woke up sounding like hes swallowed barbed wire, Caitlins just lying on the couch watching tv, and Mark has yet to get out of bed. So my guess is everyones poorly and we're going nowhere. lol. So got a pile of dvds for kids, both are in clean snuggly babygros so think we're just going to have a pj day today. GOT to go town tomorrow though! Running out of food. lol.
Illness aside Ive been scrapping again! I seem to go through phases where I do nothign for ages, then do loads in a few days. I thinkt he crop on sunday kickstarted my mojo. :)
All the following layouts are done with Sarahs cards April kit and all (except 15) are scraplifted from the DT booklet. Though I've currently lost said booklet under the mass of paper that is my desk, so will give proper recognition later. :)

This is SUCH an old photo of my son. Think it was at his sisters first birthday last year. I love that hes laughing so much. :) The layout I scraplifted was quite feminine so tried to boy this up a bit by using scribble look rub ons and a muddy looking butterfly.

This one I remember was originally by Sarah as was my fave form the booklet. :) I used a photo of Cameron last year at Butlins. His obsession at the time was bob and I managed to capture the look on his face when Bob first came out. :)

This is Cameron on Christmas 08. He was only 2 so was really his first chirstmas where he understood what was going on. I was on my own that year so went completly ott with gifts to make up for Mark not being there. As you can see by his face he was thrilled with what he got!

This is the only one I didn't scraplift. To be honest I did this at 1am so just kinda stuck everything to hand on the page! Had to be a bit creative with the letters as was running out at this point. lol.

Well Marks just out of bed so think I'm going to make some lunch, give the kids a dose of Calpol as Caitlins temp is creeping up, and scrap some more. :)


  1. Beautiful layouts Gemma and I love the creative letters! Your DS really has the most adorable smile, hope everyone is better soon!

  2. Hope the gang get well soon and all fabby lo's too


    ps. a certain mr pattinson arrived today... hot diggity dawg! phew, i come over all faint!:-D

  3. the plague????? eep!
    hope you all feel better soon, and i love your LO's!

  4. Hope everyone is better soon :) ... love the layouts

  5. Great LOs using the kit :). Get well wishes.


Thanks for your comments. :)