Saturday, 22 May 2010

Busy few days. :)

Well as title says its been a busy few days! Went to the fair thursday, my dads 60th dinner friday, then today!.....Ill tell you in a moment. ;)
As I said we went to the fair on friday. the kids had a great time and there were a few rides they could go on.
Their fave was a bouncy castle slide. Which was a bargain really as was supposed to be £1 for 5 turns. But because they were so quiet the lady let them play untill they lost intrest.

There was also a huge bouncy castle which they both wanted to go on. I didnt like the look of it as there were lots of older kids but gave in. Well guess what, I was right. Cameron managed to headbut another kid, blood everywhere. I stay calm, clean it up, lots of cuddles etc. What does cameron say, 'get off mummy! I want to go back on!' The kid was covered in blood! My mum says I was the same. lol.

This was one of the quieter rides.

While there we met up with my Mum and dad, and once the fair was over we went to a nearby park. Here there was a huge swing thing which was really funny as my dad went way too fast for my mums liking and she was screaming the place down!
Now for today. Well those of you who a followers would know my car is a heap of rubbish. Wrong engine, bad wiring, the lot. I was very much ripped off. Well today I bought a new car!!!!! And to make it even better we got much more on the trade in than we expected so we have spare cash!! Heres a pic of my new little car. :)

Its much smaller than our old one (renult megane) but I wanted a smaller run about as we didnt need all the space. So all up to date now. :) Going to relax in the garden tonight I think. Hope everyones enjoying the sun!


  1. Awww lovely car Gemma - hope you have great fun running around in it and everything crossed that it doesn't give you the grief that your previous car did.

    Lovely piccies of the kiddies as usual.

  2. Great pics of littlies :D and car looks fab too! hope you have many happy hours of motoring!

    ps. does this mean you will be doing a course on car maintainence then? ;)


  3. Gemma - those are gorgeous photos! Just dying to be scrapped methinks! x


Thanks for your comments. :)