Sunday, 16 May 2010

Car boot day. :)

Well been up since 5am today! But had a little nap so brain feels less like mush. But will get to that bit in a min :)
First thing to show you is a LO i forgot to upload the other day.

Story behind this is that when Caitlin was younger she had a sippy cup with her name on. however she wanted a mug like Cameron had. I told her she was too small for the mug so was amazed when I found this one day! She'd took the lip from her cup and stuck it on top of the mug. lol. Shes just too clever sometimes.

This next picture I just had to share, lol. When it comes to Caitlin the apple didnt fall far from the tree. she LOVES anything creative. Stamping, drawing, anything. Each morning she comes into our room with her little easel and pencils and draws a picture. gives us a few more moments peace. lol. Howerver this is what greeted me the other morning. She had somehow dragged the box of bits we keep for cutting and sticking from the back of the wardrobe, and was having a great time rearranging them of my bedroom floor. Little scrapper in the making. :)

Well, as I mentioned this morning me and hubby did a car boot sale. We used to run a stall each week before the kids were born selling retro computer games so it's always nice to do another one together. So cue the 5am start, standing in the freezing cold while trying to set up and answer the usual round of questions 'no I don't have any gold, No I won't take 50p for an item marked £5' and so on. But it was fun, and was nice to walk around without worrying about the kids getting bored or the countless dogs who try to jump into caitlins buggy. In the end we made about £80, £40 of which we spent. lol. Only £20 was there though to be fair, £5 was entry and £15 was hot dogs while there and milk and bits on way home. Was thrilled with what we got. :) So as usual had to share my bargains. lol. This is a photo of everything. As you can see quite a bit for £20!

In this picture is a lamp with daylight bulb (yey, no more scrapping in the corner in the dark!) some Thomas toys, a fairy outfit for Caitlin and a little monkey I thought was cute. :)

This is barney and friends. lol> now as I type this Barney has been going for about 3 hours no non-stop. Caitlin loves him! He is really good, if you cover his eyes he plays peekaboo, sings songs, you can poke his tummy and he giggles. Very interactive. great for £1! More Thomas toys and some dragonball Z toys mark picked up. The teeny pile of books and dvds are for me. lol. I always like to get some books as I don't often read a book twice so hate paying full price then giving them away. really into James patterson at the moment so got a few of his. Also got 'my big fat greek wedding' and 'the devil wears prada' on dvd. I' going through a films phase at the moment, watching a girly film while scrapping so these are ideal. :) Now the great big thing in the corner...anybody know what this is? lol. I know its a transformer but hubby doesnt have a clue what one. Cost him 20p but he was very excited as its a couple of little ones and they combine to make a great big one but he doesnt recognise any.

Also got Cameron a Thomas poncho type towel. When we went to Butlins he HATED the swimming pool. Which is kinda our fault as we never take him normally. So hope to start again now its summer and thought this would be a good bribe. lol
Now this is the bargain of the day! For his birthday Cameron got some of the Thomas take along range (anybody else sick of Thomas yet?) With this you get die cast Thomas trains. Now there are literally hundreds of these and of course he NEEDS all of them. each one costing between £5 and £9. I found a bag of them, along with other Thomas bits, for £5!! All are new and some talk and do other bits. Worked out they were 20p each! Bargain!!!!!

Ok enough car boot now. lol. Plannign to watch a dvd tonight and make some more flowers for a swap I'm in on UKS. Learned how to make really pretty Prima like flowers when on the SC retreat so been doing those. Will try and take photos and do a tutorial tomorrow. :) Hope everyones well and had a great weekend!


  1. Don'tcha just love a bargain? Lots for you today Gemma. I went to one yesterday but didn't get any crafty stuff. Just a few items of clothing but they were a bargain. More on that on my soon as I can upload my photos. My camera is playing up. I think I have worn it out for the past 3 and half years!! *Ü* Cute layout. My grandson Cameron used to like Thomas - a lot. TFS. ~Glen~

  2. Looks like you had a great time - glad you got more bargains.

    Oh and my dining room floor always looks like your bedroom floor when I am crafting LOL!

  3. Looks like quite a haul, glad to hear you made a profit though :)

  4. well done on all your bargains, you got loads for your £20.


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