Saturday, 29 May 2010

Birthday day!

Well today is hubbys birthday. It did NOT start well. Cameron was playing with his trains on the stairs and Annies hook got caught, he pulled it and ripped the carpet! Then I took my fave bedspread out the wash and found its got weird marks on it like bleach :( Then I burnt the cake!!!!! But ended well. I made another cake and a yummy dinner (chicken and mushroom pie, mash, roast potatos and veg) so everyones now well fed and lying about. This is caitlin enjoying the cake. I made chocolate with chocolate fudge icing.

Also made hubby a birthday card. Scraplifted from this months sarahs cards dt leaflet as im rubbish at cards. lol

Hoping kids will go bed soon and can relax as Im SO tired after today!!!


  1. What a lovely card!
    Good your cake turned out well in the end!

  2. Well Caitlin certainly looks like she is enjoying her cake! Keep on with your cards you will get there in the end - my early cards were awful.


Thanks for your comments. :)