Monday, 21 March 2011

Im back :)

Well after a long and busy week, looks like this week isnt going to be any quieter. lol. Oh well. Yesterday was the first nice sunday we've had so that ment CAR BOOT!!! Those who know me will know I LOVE car boot sales, the bargains, looking at the weird stuff some people sell (and the daft amounts they ask for it, lol) SO much fun. :)
We were more careful this time round, the kids have got a daft amount of toys so we've stopped buying anything just because its dora/peppa/thomas. Did get them some good bits though. :) Cameron got some Cars bits and some dvds, and Caitlin got a peppa pig spaceship and campervan. I got some bargains too but more on that later. :) Afterwards we went to the park. Cameron was cold and wanted to go home but was less easy to pull Caitlin away.

Eventually I managed to bribe her with a cake and promise of Micky mouse on the tv. lol. Now onto my bargains. :) I managed to get a couple of great scrapping bits, a pack of colouring pens with duel nibs, photo safe and quick dry, 50p! I also got this little green box with drawers on I was thrilled to find the pens fitted in perfectly. lol. The bargain of the day was this Ipod player. :) Its hello kitty!!

Ive been looking for one for the kitchen for ages and was planning to buy one from asda which was boring black one. Was thrilled when I saw this and she only wanted £2 for it. :)
I also bought Cameron some Cars stamping pens. He had fun with them as you can see. :) Caitlin was worse, she looked like she had multicoloured chiken pox. lol

After dinner my mum brought my nieces round. it was nice for my two to see Mollie as because shes at school then her dads at the weekend they dont see her often. How cute is this photo!

Mollie and Evie having fun. :)

Well promised the kids we'd go park this afternoon. Regretting it now, just want to curl up in bed! lol. Better get moving.

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