Thursday, 31 March 2011

Like mother like son

Well spent the morning shopping for dinner on Sunday, drs and taking Cameron to and from nursery. He was a star today, no tears or complaining. :) We did have a treat planned for him in the afternoon but were let down (wont go into that as will just get angry again!) so needed to think of something else quick.
Knowing his love for his mobigo, and how well he's been doing on games on there we decided to try him on the nintendo DS. Well, 3 hours later this is how he still looked.

Both me and Mark LOVE computer games so looks like the apple hasnt fallen far from the tree. lol. I was pretty impressed too how good he was at it and how well he picked it up. My mum had originally planned to get him one for christmas but I dont agree with kids playing consoles all day so suggested the Mobigo which is a lot more educational. The DS is fine for a treat but he wont be playing on it daily!
Im SO excited about tomorrow. :) I know Mothers day is Sunday but my mums comming for dinner and Mark wanted to make the day about 'me' (I wasnt arguing, lol) but we couldnt think of anything to do as everywhere will be packed. Now I love going to the market at Stamford but we havent been since last summer so we decided to have mothers day on friday instead. :) So we're either going to stamford, or cheeky monkies (spelt right, lol) were I can relax with a book and hot choc and let kids run riot. :) Either way relaxing day for me!

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  1. Ooh you sound like you've got a lovely mother's day to look forward to enjoy your book and time letting the kids run around! Love the story of the DS!



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