Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sarahs cards retreat. :)

Well I'm back from another brill weekend with Sarahs cards. :) Tried to convince hubby to let me book for November but no luck. lol
Well after last year of me taking my camera and taking one photo, this year I took it swearing to take more. And I took........2. Well its double of last year! lolBoth were of Lesley having a stretch under the table so didnt think she would appreciate me blogging them. lol. The weekend was just as brill as last time. Upon arriving we were given our goodiebags. Was SO excited to see an American crafts d ring album in there. was one of the really pretty one with flowers on too, not the plainer ones I usually buy. There was also rub ons, stickers, and a little easel to put layouts on. :). Sarah had also set up a little 'Sweet shoppe' in the corner for us to help ourselves too! There were sweets I'd not seen in ages, lol, sherbet lemons, chocolate limes, popping candy. lol. Bliss.
Well after settling in and catching up we had our first class. Strung Together by Vanessa Stokoe.
These are photos from the first time we went to disneyland (last ones, yey!!! Now onto the new ones. lol) The technique in this class was to punch holes into the photo, which felt so strange, lol, and thread through into a cross. Loved the effect and it was so simple! This was originally a a4 sized layout but I kept the background 12 x 12 as thats all I do. lol

After the class it was dinner time. We were given our own room this year as I think we made too much trouble last year. lol. The dining room was run by some guy who was SO stressy! Barking orders as to where we could sit, what we were allowed etc. Was so funny on the last day there was a huge chocolate fountain so we did what any self respecting group of women would do, dived in! So chocolate dripped everywhere, lots of dipping bits gone and he comes over steam comming out his ears. Turns out it was for a wedding they were holding later. Woops. :-)
After dinner the wine came out! Lesley had brought her ipod and a mini speaker so there was lots of drinking, scrapping and dancing in our chairs. I started to feel tired at around 12 but some popping candy from the 'sweet shoppe' soon sorted that out! Didnt realise that stuff made me hyper before then. lol. Managed a couple of layouts with an old kit.

I took a huge pile of kits and only managed to use one and a bit. lol. Decided it was time for bed not long after one. Poor Gillian was trying to get the music from Lesley who was dancing around the corridor. Lesley was having none of it however. Dont think I've laughed so much in ages. :)


  1. Glad you had fun. The sweet shop sounds great! :)

  2. It was such a fun weekend wasn't it!!!

    Lesley was so funny - especially when they announced the free wine and she got up and started running through the crop room LOL!!!

    Look forward to seeing the rest of your layouts

    Karen x


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