Friday, 11 March 2011

Sarahs cards sat night/sunday

Saturday night we had a great time with raffle and bingo. There was also the added plus that as there had been some problems with the hotel they gave us all free wine that night. :) Lesley made everyone laugh by sprinting across the hall when free wine was announced. Bingo was SO funny. I think the fact most people had had a glass of wine made us all a bit daft anyway (well, dafter maybe, lol) I think it was the quietest we'd been all weekend. Well, up untill the point there was a 'equipment malfunction' when all the balls fell out of the cage all over the floor. lol. Was off to bed at just past one again. Which was quite early compared to those who went after 3. lol.
Next morning was our last class. This was by Rachel Elliot and was one I was really looking forward to. :) I love her scrapping style and the amount of detail in her los. Though when I try to copy it just ends up looking a mess. lol.
This is a photo of Mark and I taken at christmas. Its the only photo of the two of us since our wedding 5 years ago. :)
On this layout is lots of ripping, distressing and little detials not noticed on first glance. LOVE it. :) Its def one of my fave of the weekend. I love how the ordinay cheap doily has been turned into a pretty embellisment. Always good to use cheaper things these days! I was also thrilled to make the lace ribbon. Id always admiered them on other layouts but had enver tried it before as thought it would be too complicated. turned out tobe SO easy! Can see lots more of this on layouts in the future. :)

Well over the weekend I managed a few layouts of my own. This is one from Sarahs cards christmas kit scraplifted from one of the dt. The embellishment is actually one of the make and takes from the weekend. :)

I picked a C then spryed glimmer mists on it, then did the same for the flower, made the bow with the pins and put it together. :) Another simple but effective make and take. :) At the time I had no idea what I was going to do with it so thought a C would be best then could use it for either child. lol.

This was another make and take. We were given a little sheet with some die cut embellishments on to make a layout with however we wanted. Was so interesting seeing everybodys different takes on it using the exact same things.

Last layout. :) It started off as a scraftlift from the dt boolet again. However I think either sleep deprivation had set in by this point or else I was just not paying attention as I accidently ripped up the strip I wanted to use! lol. So ended up kinda making it up. Theres lots of journalling on this one. First down the strip telling lots of reasons I love my family, then Behind the photo is a large journalling tag telling about where/when the photo was taken. :) Loving this kit.

So that was it. Was an amazing weekend, lots of laughs, stash, just huge amounts of fun! I did look into booking for the one in November but theres only 3 places left and I won't have the money till June. fx theres a space left!!!!


  1. Wow looks like you have been very busy! Thanks for popping by my blog x

  2. Great LO's as usual. Love the glimmer mists one of the many things on my list of must tries! xx

  3. Great Layouts!! You got loads done....I've loved reading about the retreat, thanks for sharing!


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