Wednesday, 23 March 2011

SO excited. :) :) :) and WOYWW

Well life has been a lot of ups and downs at the moment. If you're a regular on UKS difficuilt topics board you'll know about the downs, if not I'll post more on Monday.
Anyway, to take my mind off the downs I've thrown myself into the kids birthday party next month (well, may 1st so pretty much next month) We're having a party at the house with the family and the plan is to set up their birthday gifts, a new swing and slide set and huge trampoline, in the garden the night before then at the party open the curtains and let them go play. :) However as the garden really needed sorted beforehand and we wouldnt have the money untill July me and hubby discussed it and applied for a loan to do it now. Well we got the letter through yesterday that we got it! :) So thats getting done in a few weeks. :) Ive also found somewhere that does the coolest homemade cakes, so having a 2 tier cake decorated with their fave tv charecters. :) Also bought a pinata and lots of bits and bobs for goodie bags and off out today for some more. Told you I was throwing myself into it. lol.
Well as we've had great weather here latly we decided to take the kids to the park. I know Caitlins new outfit isnt really spring themed but when clearing out the wardrobe the other night I found a pile of christmas gifts we'd forgotten including this. lol. Woops. So need to get the wear out of it while we can.

I love east carlton park. So peaceful. :)

Kids had a great time running around in the sun. Though Camerons picked up a werd habbit, whenever I asked him to say cheese he yelled 'Hiya!' then burst out laughing. Where on earth did that come from? lol

As that trip went so well we're going to somehow fit their bikes in the back of the car and take them riding today. Im hoping they'll fit as already told the kids we're going. lol. Also want to exchange my camera as it keeps stalling. :(
Theres not much on my desk today. Im currently making my mums mothers day album. I did it one year when my two were small and she wasnt impressed when I handed it over. Then later she rang me asking where I'd got the paper with all the bits stuck on and stiching and wasnt it lucky they fit the photos. Um no mum I did all that myself, What?! Really?! and suddently she was much more grateful. lol. The next year I was planning on buying her a gift untill the week before when she said 'Am I getting another album this year' so that was a rush job! This year I'm not waiting for her to ask and Im just doing it now. lol. these are a couple of pages Ive done so far. I really struggle with 6x6 pages as once the photo is on theres not much room so found some papers with decorations already on iykwim. Makes it much easier and quicker. :)

Right better run. Wish me luck with the bikes!!

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  1. Good luck with the bikes!! Also good luck for Monday will be thinking of you ((hugs)) xx


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